Pre-Float Paddlers' Parade

THE BIG FLOAT is an opportunity for the people of Portland to partake in a public display of affection for the Willamette River. It's appropriate that the event will begin with a “Paddlers' Parade" of floaters. For our fifth anniversary, TBF V will have two parades. 


The first wave parade will begin around 12:30 p.m - led by the lively, fantabulous Mysti Krewe of Nimbus. Backing them with musical mania will be the amazing, the explosive, LoveBomb Go-Go! It's bound to be a religious experience!


The second wave parade will start around 1:30 p.m. - again led by Mysti Krewe and LoveBomb in all their glory.


Grand Marshall for the first parade will be Mayor Charlie Hales. The second parade will be led by Mary Abrams, Director of Oregon Department of State Lands.


Both parades will start at the Tom McCall Bowl - west bank of the river just south of Hawthorne Bridge.


Onsite registration begins at 11:00 a.m.


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